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"Harnessing Ancient Wisdom, Illuminating Paths:


Life Coach | Reiki Grand Master | Motivational Coach | Telepathy Expert | Dowsing Expert | Angel Therapist | Lama Fera Expert | Past Life Coach | Spiritual Connection | N L P master

SACHIINN BBADAGE is an accomplished life coach, motivational speaker, healer, therapist, and spiritual connector with years of experience in various fields. He is the founder of SACHIINN GOOD LIFE SCHOOL, which has transformed the lives of over 20,000 students. His work, words, communication, presence, and communication power are truly awe-inspiring and have helped numerous people achieve their life goals.

SACHIINN is a miracle-maker who has completed 10 years as a dowsing expert, 10 years as an angel therapist expert, 9 years as a Reiki grandmaster, 9 years as a past life regression and telepathy expert, 8 years 11 months in Lama Fera, and 15 years in spiritual connection. He has received numerous certifications and licenses, including Reiki grandmaster, past life regression, dowsing, angel therapy, and Lama Fera. He has helped over 20,000 students get miraculous results through his spiritual connection.

He is highly skilled as a motivational coach, healer, therapist, past life regression expert, and dowsing expert. He is also a mind trainer, and his students have achieved life-changing results under his guidance.

He conducts courses on motivational coaching, Reiki grandmaster, dowsing expert, angel therapist, past life expert, telepathy expert, spiritual connector, face reading, mind reading, 7 chakra balance, and aura reading.

SACHIINN is the founder and chairman of the SACHIINN BBADAGE Foundation, which distributes funds for various causes, including VrudhaShram, Goshala, student education, and food distribution.

He has also conducted offline projects on telepathy, Angel therapy, Reiki in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Hubli, Kolhapur, Sangli and Belgaum, and 7 days retreat at Rishikesh and Lonavala.

If you are looking for a life coach, motivational speaker, or healer, then SACHIINN BBADAGE is the right choice. He is truly a miracle-maker and his expertise, skills, and experience can help you achieve your life goals and transform your life.

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Practical Session 3rd eye two cracking tiles with Bulb

In this practical session, explore the fascinating phenomenon of activating the third eye by cracking two tiles using only the power of your mind. Learn the techniques and exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities and tap into the hidden potential of your consciousness. Illuminate your path to higher awareness with this enlightening and empowering session.

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